Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can i find your products and their prices?

When you click on the 'Buy' button of an image all of the products and their prices are revealed. You can choose from quite a wide range of products at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a product or certain sized print that is not listed please just ask me about it - I will probably be able to add it in to the product section.


I had a photoshoot recently do you offer any packages if I want to buy quite a few images?

Yes, of course. Choosing your favourite images to buy from a shoot can be difficult and expensive so I have designed 'bulk buy' packages to try and provide you with good value, these are only available for prints and downloads and you will see a range of packages when you click on the 'buy' button of an image from your shoot.


I would like to buy a selection of High res' (printable) images but would really prefer them on a disc rather than downloaded to my computer, are you able to do this?

Yes I can. The price would be the same as if you were downloading from my website although you would need to contact me directly with the image numbers you have chosen, your name and your postal address. If people are regularly requesting this I will add this to my products list so that it can be purchased directly from the site.

Your website doesn't allow me to buy products from my mobile device - why not?

Please note that due to the great variety of mobile devices and mobile browsers, most but not all mobile devices will allow you to place an order through the mobile site. To ensure the most optimal purchasing experience, I recommend using a mainstream mobile browser on a device with the latest versions of the iOS or Android operating system.